Natural skills in the advanced technology world are worthy of making money online with smartphones, laptops, and connected internet.

Gone are those days when the world was at a challenging moment when there was no availability of resources to earn money online with an entrepreneurial perspective.

During the coronavirus situation, people found that online presence is one of the most reasonable ways to stay connected with family members, peer groups, online lecturers, and even online business transactions.

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn or make money online while in your comfort zone, or intending to fetch your presence online for future perspectives?

We applaud you as you visit our blog as we walk through the journey of making money online.

7  Proven Ways To Make Money Online With Easy Steps 2022.

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelance
  3. Mentorship
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. eBay
  6. Online Course
  7. Domain Broker

As we mentioned from the beginning, smartphones, laptops, and connected internet are halfway to success.

Blogging is one of the most leisurely and best ways to make money online when the best strategies apply.

What is blogging?

Knowing what blogging is all about will help you understand the best way it works and how it gives cash.

Blogging is a piece of writing of your interest. For example, interest in traveling, lifestyles, technology, education, cooking, relationship, entrepreneurship, mentoring, music, entertainment, celebrity, news, and research work, you can choose your interest and start blogging.

A specific niche will provide lots of benefits for the audience that cares for your content.

So how can I make money while blogging?

A good question deserves a simple answer. bloggers make money by:


Affiliate products.

Business Promotions

Sponsored posts.


  • Advertisements:

Monetizing your website with Google Adsense, Ezoic, and Media is the sole aim of reaching online. For reliability and trustworthiness, Google Adsense is the most satisfactory for bloggers. You can sell ads on your blog by accepting ads from companies.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing proves to be the best way to generate online income.

For instance, if your blog niche is technology, marketing, product reviews, education, and entrepreneurship, you can choose the best companies in your niche that offer good commissions and start promoting their products or services.

Most companies that offer affiliate commissions include Amazon Associates, BigRock, ClickBank, Flipkart, Reseller Club, and Cuelinks.

All these mentioned companies offer opportunities in the affiliate world, and you can generate lots of cash with your blog.

  • Business promotions:

Promoting businesses online with your blog can also generate dollars for you. Many companies offer links with an amount of money to promote business. With tons of traffic on your website, you can start promoting business with high returns.

  • Sponsored Posts:

A growing business often presents content for the blogger to publish. Some publications can be services, brands, or products which help a blogger make money in the comfort zone.

  • Website Subscription:

Some bloggers provide subscriptions for some services or products they render to their members. Through the subscription method, your financial strength will increase by some percentage.

All these methods can provide tons of opportunities for a person willing to start blogging or eyeing an online presence.

  • Freelancing:

Another great way or strategy to make money online is by freelancing. Freelance has helped people financially and has proven to be the most reasonable way to alleviate poverty.

With digital skills and talents, your work can be someone’s solution to achieving his life ambition. There are considerable ways to acquire digital skills for free and use them for your benefit.

Google, Microsoft, Coursera, Great Learning, Simplilearn, and other principal tools want society to succeed online by creating free courses that provide digital skills.

Google provides free education with a free certificate, including Fundamental of Digital Marketing certificates accredited by Open University. Microsoft offers a free tutorial on excel and other digital skills.

Gathering quality skills gives you the advantage to start making money with a freelancing business. Freelance companies like Fiverr, Upwork,, LinkedIn, Guru, SimplyHired, Behance, Toptal, DesignHill, and Flexjobs offer their platform for free work. So, with your available skills, you can create an account and start to earn money.

  • Mentorship:

Mentoring is a tool for making money online with your academic mindset on a particular subject. You can start teaching people how to do something that needs a technological answer. Coaching is a skill that people tend to overlook in a hurry.

Mentorship helps people thrive in their online work, and it is a way to make money online as people are looking for business, academic and technological advice to grow online. Your online presence can generate an edge for your financial growth.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

Selling people’s products and services can be a great deal to make some money online.

You can promote Affiliate links on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, and other social media platforms.

Affiliate marketing provides tons of benefits for individuals to earn money while selling ads and services.

  • eBay Auction:

eBay provides an opportunity to sell your products directly to prospective customers. Opening eBay online store is a hassle-free way to create and start selling immediately.

eBay is quite across-the-board and deserves your lookout if you want to make money online affordably and conveniently.

  • Online Courses:

Skills in digital technology can help you start online classes and start to teach online to students.

Online classes give an edge in making money, and students and researchers are looking for ways to gather knowledge and skills.

Quality teaching can be valuable for searchers and earn money for your skills.

  • Domain Broker

Domain selling is an online business that gives money to the broker.

Brokers registered domains intending to sell them for profits and gains. Are you worried if this business will be best for your online presence?

It is the right choice and induces an amount of money for the dealers.

To start this business, go to GoDaddy and register domains for selling.

GoDaddy is a hosting platform that helps websites to arrive online and deliver what they have for the world.

In conclusion, Online presence has what it takes to survive as an individual, business, or corporation.