The new sensational single “Makhwapeni” by South African music artist and song composer Pcee is a blockbuster.

Furthermore, “Makhwapeni” is a highlight single from Pcee‘s highly anticipated mixtape, “Mama,” which features nine tracks total.

The participation of Grammy winners Jandas, Soul Revolver, and Djy Ma’Ten elevates this song to a new level. Each artist’s blistering verses boost the track’s overall effect, showcasing their style and boundless fire.

“Makhwapeni” features three phenomenal producers—Bongani Sibusio Hleko, Azile Mbolekwa, and Philani Dladla—whose skills ensure the track is of the highest quality. Their skill is evident in the hypnotic sound they produce, which enhances Pcee‘s vocals and the energetic performances by the featured musicians.

New music eventually becomes the kind that lifts your spirits instead of lowering them, and it also becomes a timeless classic with an allure that deserves a spot on your playlist.

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